Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Enabling the Disabled: the Segway

So basically, Dean Kamen is awesome. I loved the Segway from the minute I saw it. Our human instinct and intuition fears and even disbelieves the very premise of the Segway and nevertheless, there goes Kamen's machine stubbornly demonstrating that it does really work. I love that. Soon after I saw the Segway I started wondering about it's applications for handicap people. Couldn't this technology enable them to join the eye level of the average person in a crowd? When I mentioned this to people they tended to say, "That would be too dangerous! You want to put a handicap person on a ladder with wheels?" Well, when I went to post this idea, I happily discovered that sure enough Kamen has done it again. Here's to questioning doubt. Check it out: The iBot

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