Wednesday, November 21, 2007

USB Album blocks:

So speaking of USB.. I love the digital age of trading music. I love replacing boxes of CDs with one simple iPod player.

But I think this age overlooks something. Music is a "word of mouth" industry. No matter what hype it gets on the radio or on MTV, ultimately the music that sells is the music that "all my friends like." Music trading has moved from swapping records/tapes/CDs to IM'ing myspace links/sharing iPODS.

But all those music sharing friends still love tangible objects - they still sport Band's patches and stickers. And I've heard more than one person lament the end of the mix tape. Music is also a collectors industry. Like Comic books, baseball cards, and pogs, music albums have always attracted prolific collectors.

I think there is a big market for cheap plug and play albums that easily let people share music through a tangible object. How about USB blocks that link together (see my last post).

TuneCubes are Cheap and Reusable!

1. Link up a dozen TuneCubes, make a killer mix.

2. Load the whole chain of TuneCubes all at once.

3. Toss em around to your friends at the show.


Edit: Dec 5

Ha ha, look what I just found. So they're thinking it - where's the conceptual leap to producing the real thing? Maybe USB manufacturing process is still too expensive.

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NormalAndrew said...

I like this idea....though I'm personally a huge fan of the digital content movement: download from the comfort of anywhere, no packaging (the green aspects are brilliant). Along these lines, I had a thought about packaging programs on a USB drive. Imagine being able to tote around a powerful program on a USB drive you could plug into any computer and quickly get back to work/play with a minimal install. It would act like a key as well, as you could only use the program from that USB drive (which I'm sure software companies would like...until it got hacked). Still...I'm a fan of the new movement to download software also...